Futuristic Car Design

Monday, April 16, 2012
What is in a car? And what is especially in car design? Perhaps you hanker for the newest, latest, sleekest look or perhaps you simply think that futuristic looks are plain odd. Design can also be fuel efficient.

Car design teams such as the one in Mercedes-Benz often look for new designs for next-generation appeal. This time around, it is all about fuel efficiency- and new sci-fi looks. Mercedes-Benz took its inspiration from something a little odd this time around- the tropical box fish.

The car is rather small, and has the sci-fi feel to it. The four cylinder gas-saving machine will return an amazing 84 miles per gallon at the constant speed of 54 miles per hour. This could be revolutionary as far as gas efficiency goes in new cars- a milestone in the industry. It can achieve the speed of 62 miles per hour in around 8 seconds- not bad at all.

The code-named 'Bionic' won't be coming to a dealership near you, but it will heavily influence the design of future cars to come. The concept car was mainly for show, and to demonstrate new complicated fuel cell designs that save you money at the gas station.

No on is for sure when we will see changes such as this, but coming from Mercedes-Benz, it isn't going to be cheap. Even at four cylinders- this car itself would cost much more than the average car. Expect 5 years at the latest to enjoy the gas-saving technology.


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