2008 Trends in Car Designs

Friday, April 20, 2012
In the 1990's the big word was ergonomics, comfort and style, but now the biggest trend in automobile design is efficiency, aerodynamics and fuel saving. Thus, the cars still have to look nice but they also need to shave off a few miles per gallon using the very best aerodynamic designs available, because that is what the consumer wants.

Indeed, that is what the government legislators have demanded as well with new high mpg standards on all new cars. Does this mean the death of the SUV? Well, something like that, and sure, they will still be available for the wealthy, and they may continue to buy them despite the dirty looks they get from self purported eco-friendly consumers.

You can expect more tear drop shaped vehicles and low air dams that prevent too much air from going underneath the car. You will be seeing shells underneath the belly of the automobiles also and more cars with skirts covering the back wheels for more efficient airflows.

The most interesting trend will be that the cars will be smaller and incorporate much more unique lightweight materials such as space age carbon composite construction like in the aviation sector. Soon the glass will also disappear and perhaps be replaced with see-through carbon nano-tubes with graphene coatings, thus, lightening up the vehicle by several 100 pounds.

Already, the 2010-2012 concept cars are appearing at the big car shows and they are out of this world in design. Meanwhile the first compact foreign vehicles from China and India are appearing in the US with dealerships ready to go. You might want to search and see these on the Internet. The TaTa Motors Nano, the SmartCar and the Chinese mini-car knock-offs are now available for the first time in the USA


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