Newest Volvo Car Designers from Taiwan

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Volvo cars are making a big splash in China's car market. The Volvo Car Corporation of Sweden sent out some major designers like Steve Harper to Taiwan to enlist some of the country's local car-designers. The Ford Group decided to recruit some Taiwanese car designers for the Great China Car Market.

The recruited car designers from Taiwan will be allowed to design new car models for its Sweden designer center. Volvo has made this plan specifically for the Great China Car Market. New car designs will be made by these Taiwanese designers for the distinctive and oriental taste of the targeted consumers.

500,000 to 700,000 Volvo cars are expected to be sold out internationally this year. This includes around 50,000 units for the Asian market which includes Taiwan, Japan, mainland China and other Southeast Asian nations. Since the demand for luxury cars are rapidly rising, car makers from the Volvo Car Corporation are aiming to sell 50,000 to 80,000 units of Volvo cars in Asia in 2007.

Apart from that, Volvo is continuously deploying its manufacturing, product design and parts procurements including its Volvo C70 auto parts in Asia. Also, as a component of Ford's global part procurement system, they have the responsibility of lowering the production cost.

According to Volvo Car Taiwan officials, Volvo is number three among the country's imported car brands. Still, Mercedes-Benz and BMW tops the chart. However, they are adding more efforts to meet the consumer's taste in Great China. This is one of the reasons why Volvo is employing talented car designers from Taiwan to develop new car models for the specific market.

Steve Harper has been visiting Taiwan several times. According to the officials, Harper was extremely impressed with the designing performances of Taiwan's local designers. These designers are from Ford Lio Ho of Motor Co.'s design center. Volvo have appropriated NT$10 million or US$305,810, to continuously hold a series of car designing seminars with the Taiwan Design Center. This is a proof that Asian talents are becoming more globally competitive in terms of car designing.

Soon, these designs will be made available in the market. Finally, Volvo car designs will be more preferable for Asians


  • Conry Lavis

    I have been doing alot of surface modeling practice in Autodesk Inventor 2008. Its the program im learning to use in College right now, and i know how to use it alot more than other programs.

    Does anyone know what kind of 3D modeling programs car designers (such as Volvo, Nissan, Bently ect) use when designing the exterior of a car? How about when they design the mechanics and frame? Is Inventor a program that people use to create complex surfaces or is that left for programs like 3Dmax and Maya, RhinoCerous ect.

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  • John Edword

    i want to buy a new car and i dont know if parts for the volvo xc90 which is the suv is alot more expensive than the parts of a nissan murano or if there the same or watever. thanks for the help.

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