Why The Craze About Car Design

Sunday, May 13, 2012
Have you ever wondered why there is new car design coming out in the market every day? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself this question? Many car manufacturers are spending huge amount of money and time to come up with new designs. While it is a fact that car design is an important part and parcel of car manufacturing, the same do seem to apply very much when it comes to making purchasing decision. Exterior car design has played a part, to some extent, in aiding purchasing decision of the consumer for some time now. Until very recently car buyers have not been keen in the interior design of car. Much of the decision to buy a car has been based on certain performance metrics such as quality and reliability, vehicle appeal, service satisfaction, and ownership costs.

In a survey conducted by JD Power, an American firm which conducts comprehensive annual surveys of car owners to see who is happy, and who is not, with their new car, it was found that "the way in which technology is integrated into new car design, especially interior features and controls, is now considered to be as important to car buyers as defects and malfunctions". Additionally Joe Ivers of JD Power says that "New vehicles today are often packed with new technologies that unfortunately can be complicated and frustrating for the average consumer when their integration is not well executed. This could explain why many car buyers have not been keen in the internal design of the car as opposed to external design.

In 2004 it was found that more and more Americans are paying attention on how their cars are designed. The way a car looks has become very important to car owners. The saying that "you are what you drive" has become more important than ever. Car designers have become celebrities overnight depending on how their design is performing in the market. The craze in car design has become intense such that car manufacturers have been rushing to link up supermodels and celebrities in an effort to up their sales


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